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Calls for more regulation of cosmetic industry in the Channel Islands

A woman with a hypodermic syringe Photo: PA Images

There are calls for greater regulation of the cosmetic industry in the Channel Islands.

The cosmetic industry here is largely unregulated, like in the UK, meaning anyone can legally provide injectable treatments.

However, an ITV Channel TV investigation has found a number of these procedures are going wrong - and those carrying them out are often not able to correct mistakes.

Doctors say they're seeing non-medical professionals, like beauticians, flying in and out of the islands for the day from the UK, to carry out non-surgical cosmetic procedures. They are then not available to deal with any problems that arise.

Jo Baran from Jersey suffered a serious injury after a lip filler treatment, as the substance was injected into an artery.

The treatment she was having falls under the bracket of 'dermal filler', a cosmetic treatment to add volume to the face, which is growing in popularity.

Credit: Jo Baran

I was in excruciating pain, I couldn't eat for three days only liquids through the straw. I lost a little bit of confidence and I couldn't really look in the mirror everyday. I have to put on make-up everyday so it was a really, really tough time for me.

– Jo Baran

The issue of regulation has been the subject of debate by MPs in the UK.

In Jersey, the government says plans are in the pipeline.

It is intended that the Jersey Care Commission will regulate cosmetic procedures, but the necessary regulations need to be developed. Before work starts on cosmetic procedure regulations there are, however, other priority areas such as hospital services, mental health services and social work services.

– States of Jersey

Meanwhile Guernsey's government say the cosmetic industry is part of the Regulation of Health and Care proposals in the Bailiwick.

We expect the premises where cosmetic surgery is delivered to meet certain standards, we will be consulting with people who are cosmetic surgery practitioners as to what those standards are. We will also expect in the future for all people who administer any kind of cosmetic procedure to be on a professional register.

– Professor Juliet Beal, Chief Nurse Director of Governance for HSC

Professor Beal told ITV Channel TV that she knows of cases where cosmetic surgeries (such as botox/dermal fillers) taking place in hotel rooms - which Guernsey States members want to put an end to.

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