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New highway code for drivers in Guernsey

The new code comes into effect from today Credit: ITV Channel TV

A new highway code for Guernsey comes into effect from today.

The code clarifies differences between driving in the UK and Guernsey and highlights updated road laws for islanders.

Changes include:

  • It is now prohibited to park or drive on signed or painted pedestrian walkways, cycle lanes and shared surfaces, unless it is to carefully pass another vehicle.
  • Offences relating to driving on a footpath have been clarified.
  • It is now a requirement to wait at the scene of an accident if someone has a serious injury.
  • Children under 3: if there is no appropriate seat belt or car seat may travel in the rear, if they are accompanied by an adult.
  • Children aged 3 or over: if there is no appropriate seat belt should wear an adult seat belt.

The new code also highlights other recent law changes relating to the fitting of mirrors, exhausts and speedometers and carriage load requirements.

More information can be found here.