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The first DVS checks on motorcycles start in Jersey

Driver and Vehicle Standards (DVS) inspections on motorcycles and minibuses have begun today. Photo: ITV Channel TV

The first round of Driver and Vehicle Standards (DVS) testing on motorcycles started today.

The MOT style test takes 15 minutes and is part of the island's commitment to the 1968 Vienna Convention.

Passing the test means owners will be able to drive their vehicle in Europe after Brexit.

Owners of motorcycles and minibuses have been sent letters urging them to book their vehicle in for a Periodic Technical Inspection.

Drivers have two months from receiving the letter to book their vehicle in for an appointment.

It will take a few years obviously, the UK have been testing vehicles since 1960 with their MOT but this is not quite such an arduous test and we have over 100,000 vehicles on the island so it will take time to catch up.

– Deputy Kevin Lewis, Minister for Infrastructure

Over 1,000 moped owners and 100 minibus owners are expected to have their vehicles tested by the end of June 2019.

The testing will be extended to cars and vans in the next few years.

Richard Le Marquand, Senior Traffic Officer at Driver and Vehicle Standards, told Jessica Tidswell what the new DVS check involves.