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Guernsey failing to reach tourism targets

The report shows Guernsey is not meeting its tourism targets Credit: ITV Channel TV

A report has found Guernsey is not reaching its tourism targets and that numbers are suffering a long-term downward trend.

The PWC review looking at tourism figures in 2017 has been published after an access to public information request.

It finds that problems with air links and ferry connectivity have contributed to Guernsey not achieving its aim of 3% visitor growth per year.

Market research included says the island is seen as expensive, with limited attractions and things to do.

The report highlights that Guernsey relies heavily on elderly visitors and people travelling to see family.

To attract a new type of tourist, it recommends that heritage sites are better managed and transport links and parking improved.

An already uncompetitive proposition has been exacerbated by its relatively high cost and difficulty of access particularly in comparison to main competitor destinations such as Jersey and UK South West.

– PWC report