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Tax services to be simplified for people in Guernsey


Online access to Guernsey's tax services will be simplified for customers.

It's after a recent customer satisfaction survey revealed half of users were unable to find the information they needed online.

In October 2018, the income tax and social security contributions functions were combined into a single Revenue Service. This survey was then carried out over a six week period, beginning in November.

Respondents were asked to score the service, in a number of areas, out of 5, as well as provide individual comments.

The survey found:

  • Overall satisfaction averaged at 3.01 out of 5.
  • 67% of customers who contacted the service achieved what they intended to do.
  • Satisfaction levels are higher for customers contacting the service by phone or in person, compared to by email or letter.
  • 60% of website customers described it as excellent or satisfactory.
  • However 50% of customers who attempted to resolve their query online before contacting.
  • The service another way, were unable to find the information they needed.

The survey has already prompted a number of planned changes including:

  • Simplifying website content.
  • Adding more services online (including a change of employment service, which will launch in April 2019).
  • Clearer, quicker responses to customers.

Some of the findings in this survey have confirmed what we already believed, others have been a real eye-opener. But all of it together will be incredibly useful in delivering the right improvements to the service, and ensuring customers remain at the heart of what we do. Revenue Service has already been through big changes, having combined two previously separate services into a single function, but we do not want to stop there, the improvements need to keep coming.

– Nicky Forshaw, Director of the Revenue Service