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Guernsey speed racer sets new flying mile record

Zef Eisenberg sets new flying mile record Photo: @MADMAXraceteam

Guernsey speed racer, Zef Eisenberg set a new speed record for the flying mile this weekend.

The Maximuscle founder reached 182.4mph, beating the previous record set by Sir Malcolm Campbell in 1927 of 174mph.

A flying mile is the average speed, over a mile, with a mile run up.

Without any practice runs, Eisenberg set the record on his first and second runs.

On the third run, the motorbike engine blew up, due to prolonged, high rpm wheel spin on the sand, which sprayed Eisenberg with black engine oil, making him unable to see, at 195mph approaching the finish line.

He was able to stop the bike without incidence, however critical engine damage, meant he wasn't able to continue racing and try to achieve his ultimate goal of 200mph in the flying mile.

He will return to Pendine during Speed Week on the 18th & 19th May to try and beat his own record.