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Guernsey Harbourmaster urges islanders to stay safe on their boats

Guernsey's Harbourmaster wants islanders to be prepared before going out on the water Credit: ITV Channel TV

With better weather on the way during the spring and summer months, Guernsey's Harbourmaster is urging islanders to take care when they are in charge of a boat.

David Barker says islanders should follow the three P's:

  • Prepare: make a plan, tell someone where you are going and when you will be back. Make sure you check the tides and weather before going out on the water.
  • Provide: the right equipment for passengers and in case of an emergency. All boats should have items such as life jackets, life rafts, flares and properly working radios.
  • Perform: properly as a skipper and master of a vessel.

You wouldn't think of having 10 pints and getting behind the wheel of your car. I don't expect people to do that in their boats either.

Make sure you can recover a man overboard and fulfill the duties you have as a skipper of a boat.

– David Barker, Guernsey Harbourmaster