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Nurses union accept latest Jersey States pay offer

61% of members voted in favour of accepting the deal. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Nurses in Jersey have accepted the latest pay offer from the States Employment Board.

Members of The Jersey Nursing Association have voted in favour of accepting the 3 year pay deal offered by the States of Jersey.

Members from the Royal College of Nursing and Royal College of Midwives voted in favour of the same pay deal last month.

It means nurses will not dispute their pay for at least three years.

61% of members voted in favour of accepting the deal.

Our members' quality of life has been allowed to slide and the recent agreement, whilst better than initially offered, has not been generous enough to reverse that decline.

– Jasen Cronin, Jasen Cronin Branch Secretary of Jersey Nursing Association

Jersey Nursing Association are still concerned about their Terms and Conditions of employment going forward.

Jersey firefighters and teachers are still disputing their pay offers.

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