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'Please, please, please don't sit there shivering!' says Age Concern Guernsey

Age concern says many islanders can't afford to turn on the heating. Credit: Peter Byrne/PA Wire/PA Images

Pensioners in Guernsey who are struggling to stay warm in their homes are being urged to apply for the Age Concern fuel fund.

The charity say they know many islanders wear their coats and gloves in their home because they can't afford to turn on the heating.

And even though Spring is here, the weather is still cold and help is still available.

A £145 grant is available as well as "one off" payments to islanders who have unexpected costs.

Several pensioners have told us over the years that they feel embarrassed at having to ask for help. That has always concerned us greatly: so we do our utmost to encourage them to apply.

– Deputy Lester Queripel, Age Concern Guernsey LBG Fuel Fund Administrator

Deputy Queripel suspects many of the pensioners in the island are not asking for help for fuel funding.