The President of Jersey's Chamber of Commerce (COC) says the amendment to the family-friendly draft law does not go far enough.

Eliot Lincoln has urged the island's Social Security Minister to think about the impact the current laws have on businesses before making new ones.

At the moment, new parents are allowed 26 weeks' leave with the employer paying six weeks' wages for each.

If the new draft law is approved, parents could be given a full year off to look after their children with 6 weeks full pay.

The Minister has only listened in part to our concerns, by making last minute adjustments in an attempt at pushing through changes without having any knowledge of the impacts on businesses from the last legislation changes six months ago.

Eliot Lincoln, President of Jersey's Chamber of Commerce

The Minister's amendment proposes three main changes to the way new mums and dads can take parental leave:

  • Changing the notice period a parent must give of changes to their leave dates from 14 days to 28 days

  • Leave taken in no more than three blocks (reduced from four)

  • Leave to be taken over a two-year period (reduced from three years)

The President of Jersey's COC wants politicians to review the impact of the current laws on businesses for at least a year before implementing any new rules.

He claims businesses struggle to recruit skilled short-term cover due to the "unique circumstances" of Jersey.

Jersey's Social Security Minister wants to amend the family-friendly draft law to address the concerns raised by businesses and the Chamber of Commerce.

Deputy Judy Martin said she does not want the amendment to change the purpose of the original policy.