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Jersey's children 'innocently caught in the middle' of teacher strike action

Businesses claim children have been Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey businesses have claimed families and employers will substantially lose out when teachers strike in May.

There are calls for both sides to find common ground and think of the children who are "innocently caught in the middle".

Teachers in Jersey are set to strike for eight days in May.

Those who are part of the National Education Union in the island, are being called to take the action.

It is working families who are being most affected and the cost to those families and to businesses affected by the disruption is substantial.

– Eliot Lincoln, President of Jersey's Chamber of Commerce

Businesses are worried about extra costs incurred because employees may need to take extra time off work to look after children.

Jersey's Chamber of Commerce has criticised both the NEU and the States Employment Board for allowing strike action to happen when many students are sitting exams.

The Chamber also highlighted the island's priority of "putting children first".

Members who teach year 11 and 13 pupils will not take part in the strike action to make sure there is no disruption to exam preparation.

The States have said in the past that there is no more money for pay rises to public sector workers.

The union says their pay offer would 'see teachers being forced to take a real terms pay cut of 3.5%.'

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