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Presidential by-election in Alderney pushed back to June

Presidential by-election in Alderney pushed back to June Credit: ITV Channel TV

Elections to decide Alderney States' next president have been pushed back until the end of June.

It is after members complained that there was not enough time between Stuart Trought stepping down on the 15th of May and the proposed election date on the 18th May, for people to decide whether to put themselves forward.

After an eight year run in office Stuart Trought is stepping down early. His term was due to run until 2020.

States Member Mike Dean suggested delaying the by-election because it would not be 'democratic or fair' to expect potential candidates to make a decision to stand for election in such a short space of time.

There is a number of talented people on the Island who may wish to stand for office but they have not had time to consider whether to stand or not.

It's a very important office and it's essential that the people of Alderney have chance to elect the best possible candidate with the biggest possible number of supporters.

– Mike Dean, Alderney States Member

Vice President, Louis Jean, will step up to the role in the period after Mr Trought resigns and before the vote.

He clarified that he was thinking about running for office, but he stressed that his support for the delay was not about anything other than consideration of the public and 'the right way of doing things'.

Chairman of the Policy and Finance Committee, James Dent, queried whether the delay was to suit individuals planning to offer themselves as candidates.

Too much delay is just as bad as too little notice. People have spoken to you asking for this lengthy delay. Other people have spoken to me asking that we get on with things. Have any specific members of the electorate sought this delay and are they potential candidates?

– James Dent, Alderney States Member

David Earl, who was elected in November, said he had 'no sympathy' with the amendment.

We had two weeks to prepare ourselves for elections and that proved to be more than adequate.

– David Earl, Alderney States Member