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PD Lynx joins Guernsey Police

Police Dog Lynx is a 21-month-old German Shepherd. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Police Dog Lynx is a 21-month-old German Shepherd who has been in training with Surrey Police for the past 13 weeks.

Now she is in the island and ready to work with the Guernsey force to assist with their operations.

So we've been learning to track mostly on grass but we have been doing hard surfaces as well. Criminal work so that would be if somebody's charging at you with a baseball bat or a machete or even just crowd control, so say football matches.

– Daniel Thomas, Police dog handler

She will also be used to help the police find property or valuables that have been lost or stolen.

German Shepherds are normally picked as police dogs for their drive and focus.

Police Dog Lynx has joined the ranks at Guernsey Police. Credit: ITV Channel TV