A new app has been created to help control Asian Hornets.

The States of Jersey are encouraging islanders to download Asian Hornet Watch which has been designed to record and help detect the species.

Islanders can download the app for Apple and Android mobile phones where they can upload a photograph of the insect.

The app will also provide a guide to help people identify if they have found an Asian Hornet.

The insect is a non-native species to the UK and could have a serious impact on insects like honeybees.

Asian Hornets were first seen in the Channel Islands in 2016, and since then work has been ongoing to slow the spread.

Jersey's government appointed an Asian Hornet Coordinator earlier this year to help eradicate the species from the island.

Alastair Christie is a beekeeper with 17 years experience and he will lead the strategy for 2019 in trying to save the island's biodiversity, honeybees and the public from the Asian Hornet.