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Guernsey oak tree offered to help re-build Notre Dame

Aerial view of the damage to Notre Dame's medieval roof Credit:

A Guernsey oak tree could play a pivotal part in the restoration of Notre Dame.

The impressive tree at Sausmarez Manor Manor has been offered to the city of Paris to help repair the damage from the devastating fire at the cathedral last week.

Investigators think an electrical short-circuit was the most likely cause of the Notre Dame fire, according to a French judicial police official.

The tree at Sausmarez is thought to be between 200-300 years old. The owner of the Manor thinks it will allow Guernsey to play a small part in the cathedral's huge restoration.

It's easily 60ft tall, so it could do quite a big job as a beam across the roof, or it could be cut up to smaller pieces for doors and panelling and carving and for pews.

– Peter de Sausmarez, Sausmarez Manor

He also said that the strong links Guernsey has with France, especially with Victor Hugo, the French novelist who wrote The Hunchback of Notre Dame, makes it fitting for the tree to be donated.

French President, Emmanuel Macron had initially said the cathedral would take five years to rebuild. However experts have said the vast scale of restoration needed, could easily make it 15 years.