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Could Guernsey be a hotspot for endangered crickets?

One male scaly cricket was found in a trap this morning (Wednesday) Credit: ITV Channel TV

Scientists are investigating the population density of scaly crickets at Spur Point in Guernsey.

Scaly crickets are critically endangered and share the same conservation status as the African Elephant - "vulnerable".

It is thought Guernsey could have a large colony living at Spur Point, making it one of the only places in the British Isles scaly crickets call home.

Because it's such a specialist animal, it's actually very rare. In the British Isles, this is one of the locations it's found. It's a very special, very rare cricket.

– Prof. Karim Vahed, Professor of Entomology University of Derby

Around 100 traps were set on Tuesday night, baited with chicken nuggets and cat food, to lure the crickets in.

Today (Wednesday) they found one male scaly cricket in a trap.

Scientists are blaming the bad weather and cold temperatures for not catching more.