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Funding for teenagers over 16 needs urgent attention

Funding for education for young adults needs urgent attention according to a new report carried out by the Education Scrutiny Panel. Credit: Robert Michael/DPA/PA Images

Funding for education for students over the age of 16 needs urgent attention, according to a new report by the Education Scrutiny Panel.

The report found that 50% of students surveyed felt a lack of finances blocked them from accessing education.

Transport was also an area of concern to the panel, who said going to college or school on a bus, rather than in a car should be promoted to help decrease traffic congestion.

Local businesses said that digital skills need to improve as well as inter personal skills.

The panel made a number of recommendations including that I.T education is improved to improve digital skills. A review is launched into the way young people are given information about post 16 education and bus services for students travelling to schools and college are looked at.

It also says that the development of a purpose built further education campus should be completed by 2023 to replace facilities at Highlands College.

‘It is vital that the education system in our Island gives young people the skills and knowledge that will help them to become active and valued members of our society and post-16 education is a crucial part of this system.

We’ve received a lot of evidence to highlight the great work being done in the Island by the Government, post-16 providers and teachers, but also some areas that require attention, especially how it is funded.

We have made recommendations based on evidence, including a survey of 2,000 local students. We would like to thank all everyone who contributed to the review and hope this is the beginning of an ongoing dialogue that has the future of our young people,the education they can access, and the quality of their lives at the heart o fits agenda.

– Deputy Rob Ward, Scruity Panel Chairman