Orange wind warning issued for Channel Islands

This weekend we may experience a little more than what can be described as "April Showers".

A new storm was named yesterday by Met Eireann - the Irish Met Department.

Storm Hannah will move across Ireland and into Central England before "filling" or disintegrating, but she will affect the islands by bringing strong winds and a band of rain.

If we look at her progress, the rain will arrive across the islands tonight - not necessarily heavy, but it will continue for a time.

It is a cold front associated with her, and as the front clears it brings much colder air, so the showers will become heavier and more scattered, but there will be breaks - in other words, they will last a minute or so, but feel quite heavy.

At the same time as this the winds will begin to increase, and by 5am tomorrow will be gale force 8, across the land, for Jersey and Guernsey, possibly touching severe gale towards Alderney and the middle part of the channel.

As a result Jersey Met have issued an Orange Wind warning to "be prepared".

Guernsey Met says there wont be a tide warning issued for the west coast.

It is unlikely we'll see scenes like this on Guernsey's East coast like we saw last year. Credit: Guernsey Police

As the showers blow through the winds will become gusty, and currently we anticipate them to gust to 50mph.

The good news for those of you wanting to be out and about this weekend is Sunday is currently looking a little calmer and drier.

As with all weather systems, timing them is always tricky, so we will keep you posted in our bulletins throughout the weekend.