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Teacher strikes: Jersey students only in school for 7 days in May

Eight days of teacher strikes could mean some pupils will only be in school for seven days in May Credit: ITV Channel TV

Children in Jersey could only be in school for seven days next month.

This is due to a combination of teacher strikes, half-term, bank holidays and an inset day, meaning parents could be forced to find child care or take time off work to look after their children.

I don't really think it's fair for the kids because it will be 40 lessons that they're missing out on, and 40 lessons that they will have to catch up on.

– Summer Jones, Mother

There are 23 possible days children could be in school for in May, however some schools will be closed for 16 days:

  • 8 days of teacher strikes
  • 5 days of half term
  • 1 day May Day
  • 1 day Liberation Day
  • 1 day inset day
16 days without school for some students in May. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Childcare centres in the island are feeling the impact.

We are inundated really... There are emails, [people are] constantly ringing to see if we're open, if we can take their children, which we are and we will do. We do give priority to the guys that are registered with us, but we will take other children on as well to help the working parents.

– Rob Crawford, Manager of Centre Point Trust

In a statement issued by the Education Minister she says 'head teachers are reviewing their contingency plans and assess the impact of this action on staffing levels'.

They will aim to give parents as much advance warning as they can about how this action will affect the school.

– Tracey Vallois, Education Minister

The Chamber of Commerce are urging for a resolution.

The people who are getting disrupted, and the people being impacted more than others are the children, and these are both sides [who should be] putting children first.

We don't feel either side are putting children first here, we need them to get round the table, agree what they're going to do and stop the strike action.

– Eliot Lincoln, Chamber President, Jersey Chamber of Commerce

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