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Dogs could be banned from more beaches in Guernsey

From 1st May until 30th September, dogs will not be allowed on some beaches in Guernsey. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A review is due to be carried out to see whether more beaches in Guernsey should ban dogs over the summer months.

Currently, dog owners are being reminded that from 1st May until 30th September, dogs will not be allowed on some beaches in Guernsey.

The aim of this is to help protect local wildlife, allow those not so keen on canines to enjoy the beach, and prevent dog waste.

The seven restricted Guernsey beaches are:

  • Fermain
  • Petit Bot
  • L’Erée
  • Vazon
  • Cobo
  • Port Soif
  • L’Ancresse/Pembroke

This map highlights beaches which remain unrestricted to dog owners in Guernsey.

Seven beaches in Guernsey will be restricted to dog owners over summer. Credit: States of Guernsey

Four beaches in Herm are also out of bounds to dogs over the summer:

  • Shell Beach
  • Belvoir Bay
  • Fisherman’s Beach
  • The area of beach in front of the White House Hotel to the Herm Harbour Jetty

The States are asking dog owners to 'remain mindful of other beach users and local wildlife'.

This means dog owners should still remove any waste on cliff paths, beaches, pavements, walkways and other public land by bagging and binning it. Failing to do so risks the owner facing a £100 fine.

– States of Guernsey

We know walking your dog on the beach is one of the simple joys about living in Guernsey. The restrictions on seven beaches that come into force on the 1st May each year ensure that on some of the busiest beaches, those who are a little less keen on canines can also enjoy their favourite beaches.

– Andy McCutcheon, Principal Environment Services Officer, States of Guernsey

Dog owners are being urged to keep their dogs under control near other beach users, and ensure their dogs do not interfere with birds.

Birds perceive dogs as predators and each time they are put to flight whilst feeding or resting, they waste vital energy reserves which are essential for birds to successfully rear their young or for onward migration.

– States of Guernsey

Dog owners are also being reminded that dogs are not permitted on Lihou Island.