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E-bikes to be deregulated in Sark

E-bikes to be deregulated in Sark Credit: ITV Channel TV

E-bikes will soon be allowed in Sark after Chief Pleas voted to deregulate them this morning.

At the moment, only people with a medical condition are allowed to ride power assisted cycles on public roads.

Once the law has been changed, speed, weight and power limits will still apply, but islanders will no longer need to provide a doctor's certificate, to pass a driving test or have insurance.

Chief Pleas heard how a vast majority of people who replied to a public consultation on the matter wanted to see the laws change.

There will be restrictions which will come out in the draft ordinance, one of them being an age limit of 14 years old, minimum age of 14 years old, there's as I stated in the statement, we're still looking and arguing the point about necessity for insurance on them but it's all things we've got to iron out with the law offices in the next month or so.

– Conseiller Alan Blythe, Chairman of the Douzaine