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Education reforms suggested during States impasse with teachers

A student works at her desk Credit: ITV Channel TV

Education reforms including longer lunch breaks and additional inset days have been put forward in a bid to break the deadlock between Jersey teachers and the States Employment Board.

The SEB wants to bring in a number of changes in return for teachers accepting a pay increase in 2020.

It is offering an increase of RPI plus 1.3% and then, depending on savings made through their changes, an additional pay increase of at least 0.8%.

During talks to resolve the pay dispute, which has led to strike action and 13 schools being closed today, the government's suggestions were rejected.

The proposals included:

  • Two additional inset days, to total 5 over the year.
  • To consider extending lunch breaks from 1 hour to 1.5 hours, therefore lengthening the school day.
  • Clarification over teachers' 1660 contracted hours over 192 days a year, providing a maximum of 38 hours of cover and 90 hours of meetings.
  • Introducing higher level teaching assistants and/or cover supervisors.
  • To discuss pay progression, time for planning lessons and assessments and a new approach to teacher appraisals.

The National Education Union, who have walked out today, described the conditional pay offer as 'neither reasonable nor fair'.

The employers proposals over education reform and the need to make cost savings are as unrealistic as they are unnecessary. These proposals on education reform are being used as pre-condition for any increase in pay. This is neither reasonable nor fair.


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