Jersey's Environment Minister says he will now bring forward a plan on how to make the island carbon neutral by 2030.

It comes after Jersey's government backed a proposition on the Climate Change Emergency put forward by Deputy Rob Ward yesterday.

Deputy John Young will now set out a plan and present it to the States Assembly by the end of 2019.

I’m delighted that the States Assembly has recognised the urgent need for Jersey to accelerate its carbon reduction actions, aiming to be carbon-neutral by 2030...This aim supports the existing Energy Plan actions and aligns with the ‘to protect and value our environment’ key strategic priority in the Common Strategic Policy, adopted by the Assembly in December 2018.

Deputy John Young, Jersey's Minister for the Environment.

Deputy Young has admitted it will be an "extremely ambitious and challenging" task to make the island carbon neutral within the next decade and will require new polices and measures.

He said that he will be encouraging the Assembly to be "brave and make difficult decisions to reduce our carbon emissions."