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Channel Islands celebrate Liberation Day 2019

The Channel Islands were finally liberated on 9th May 1945. Credit: Jersey Heritage

Islanders will come together today to commemorate and celebrate one of the biggest days in the Channel Islands' calendar.

Liberation Day celebrations in Guernsey will be focused along the seafront.

A service will also be held in Jersey's Liberation Square - with the re-enactment of the hoisting of the Union Jack from the balcony of the Pomme D'Or.

I think it has now become the island's national day and it is not just here for those people here during the Occupation, but also for those who were deported, and the evacuees and what we need to do is ensure that that carries forward as a celebration in the future.

– Sir William Bailhache, Jersey's Bailiff
German forces marching through the streets of St Helier.

On the 28th June 1940 the Luftwaffe bombed Jersey and Guernsey, which were both undefended.

44 people were killed and 2 days later the Germans took control of Guernsey.

Jersey surrendered to the Germans on 1st July and islanders had to put white flags over their houses to show they had surrendered.

On the 9th May 1945, a day after VE day, the Channel Islands were finally liberated.

The Occupation lasted from the 30th June 1940 until 9th May 1945.

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