Women will take centre stage at Jersey's Liberation Day services

Representatives from each group will be taking part in the parade which follows the formal ceremony in Liberation Square. Credit: ITV Channel TV

For the first time, Jersey's Liberation Day services will be themed to celebrate women's organisations.

They will mark the achievements women have made over the past century and more. The groups taking part will be honoring significant anniversaries this year.

The Bailiff of Jersey says the Liberation Day service welcomes all residents across the island’s community to recognise its unique history, culture and identity.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of some women obtaining the right to vote in Jersey, so the platform this year will be shared with senior women from all parishes and in many cases accompanied by a grandchild.

Sir William Bailhache, Bailiff of Jersey

2019 marks 100 years since women over 30 in Jersey got the right to vote.

Women’s organisations celebrating their anniversary in 2019 include:

  • Helvetia House School 130th anniversary

In January 1889, Eva Joste, opened Helvita school in her home.

It began with just five female students, but when Eva Joste retired in 1905 it had more than 25. Despite struggling through the occupation, the school continued to grow, now 90 girls attend the St Helier school.

  • 110th anniversary of the Girl Guiding movement and the centenary of the formation of the Jersey Guides

Inspired by the rapidly expanding Guide Movement in England, Jersey Girl Guide groups were formed in 1919.

During the occupation, all uniformed organisations were banned. However, three Guide Companies continued to meet in secret. These meetings were held at the leaders homes at great risk.

5th St Mark’s Guides are the only company which continued throughout the 100 years, girls from the group will be taking part in the Liberation Day parade carrying the island flag.

  • 25th anniversary of the ordination of women in the Island

  • The Jersey Netball Association 75th anniversary

Representatives from each group will be taking part in the paradewhich follows the formal ceremony in Liberation Square.

The day's events aims to celebrate the freedom, peace and good fortune that has come to the island since the end of the occupation in 1945.