The first Asian hornet primary nest has been found in Guernsey.

A primary nest is created by a Queen hornet and one has been found at a home off Vale Road.

It is said to be the size of a small orange.

The discovery is the first since Asian hornets were identified in Guernsey in March 2017.

It is not yet known if it emerged from hibernation after overwintering in Guernsey or has come over from France or Jersey on favourable winds.

It is estimated that the nest had been at the home for around 3-4 weeks and contained 6 small larvae and 11 eggs.

The invasive species pose a threat to the island's native honey bees and the States are encouraging islanders to report any sightings of hornets and their nests as soon as possible.

We would ask people to check out the ceilings of their outbuildings, sheds and porches in case there are more of these early nests. Our aim is to ensure that we can keep the populations of Asian hornet as low as possible, to protect public health and the Island’s biodiversity.

Francis Russell - Project Coordinator (Asian Hornet Strategy)

Members of the public can report any sightings by sending an email to or by calling 01481 234567.