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Further negotiations over teachers pay

Schools are set to close later this week as 350 NEU members are due to take further strike action Credit: ITV Channel TV

Negotiations between the States Employment Board and the National Education Union will continue to try and resolve the ongoing pay dispute.

Schools are set to close on Wednesday and Thursday this week when 350 NEU members take further strike action.

It is over the ongoing pay dispute with Jersey's States Employment board, which the union says is committed to a pay offer that would 'see teachers being forced to take a real terms pay cut of 3.5%.'

Teachers announced that they would strike for eight days in May.

The remaining strikes are set to take place on the following dates:

  • Wed 15 May
  • Thurs 16 May
  • Tues 21 May
  • Wed 22 May
  • Thur 23 May

The States Education Board says there is no money to pay teachers. This is simply not true given a government which has around £850 million in its reserves. Teachers want to a fair increase in pay. It is clearly within the capacity of this government to meet that expectation and bring an end to the teachers’ pay dispute.

– Ian Stevenson NEU Regional Secretary

Government officials are meeting the NASUWT and NEU teaching unions this week, under the auspices of the Jersey Arbitration and Conciliation Service, and hope for constructive and purposeful discussions on matters of concern to both parties.

We will meet for as long and as often as necessary to work towards an outcome that resolves the pay dispute, ensures effective use of resources, secures improved working conditions for teachers, and further enhances the quality of education received by children and young people in Jersey’s education system.

– Spokesperson, States Employment Board