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Airport now first in British Isles to use Remote Tower technology

Panoramic image of Jersey Airport from Digital Remote Tower. Credit: Ports of Jersey

Jersey Airport is now the first in the British Isles to manage air traffic using digital Remote Tower technology.

It will mean the airport can now control 'live' air traffic from a remote location which will allow operations to continue in the event of an evacuation of the main tower.

Ports of Jersey have invested £1.2m in the project which will have airfield images delivered to a remote tower using 13 HD cameras to create 240-degree field-of-view of Jersey Airport.

It is then 'stitched' together to create a panoramic picture displayed on three large screens.

Ports of Jersey has said the business case for remote tower technology is 'compelling' with the potential of avoiding the costs of a conventional tower and offering better visibility and safety features.

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