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Public hearing begins on Independent Care Inquiry

Four days of round-table discussions are taking place from today at St Paul’s Centre. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Politicians, civil servants and people from Jersey's voluntary sector will join a public hearing today to discuss how well recommendations are being implemented from the Independent Care Inquiry.

The inquiry itself began after a police investigation in 2010 found 192 victims of abuse during a four year period.

An independent panel then heard evidence from hundreds of people connected to the care system since 1945 - confirming decades of abuse.

The panel published its final report in 2017 which included 8 recommendations one of which suggested the appointment of a Children's Commissioner and changes to the youth justice system.

Four days of round-table discussions are taking place from today at St Paul’s Centre in St Helier and will last until Friday 24 April.

On today's agenda, there will be the following speakers.

  • 9.45am- Response to the Inquiry Recommendations by States of Jersey - Andrew Heaven, Head of Children's Policy States of Jersey.
  • 11.00- Speeches from Nancy Meehan and Steve Hart.
  • 12.15 pm- Responses from Members of States of Jersey Care Inquiry Response Programme Board
  • 2.00 pm-Building a Sustainable Workforce - Social Work and Family Nursing- with speeches from Steve Lewis, Principal, Highlands College; Dr Rea Maglajlic, Univ. of Sussex.

A full list of the timetable for the rest of the week's discussions can be found from the IJCI Review 2019 website.

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