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Guernsey Overseas Aid gives £34,000 to help Zambian mother and baby programme

The money will train volunteers to support families. Credit: St John Emergency Ambulance Service

St John Ambulance International has been awarded £34,000 by the Guernsey Overseas Aid Commission to support its work in Zambia to allow for the expansion of the mother and baby programme.

The current scheme is in place to encourage more people to attend antenatal care appointments which can help identify those who are HIV positive.

of women in Zambia live with HIV.
of men in Zambia live with HIV.

Only about 60% of all HIV positive adolescents are on HIV treatment.

Nearly half of the people in Zambia do not know their HIV status.

The grant from the Overseas Aid and Development Commission will allow St John to expand the existing motherhood health programme to include HIV related activities.

The money is going help train volunteers who will then be able to support families.

It will also mean expectant and new parents will be able to have a HIV test in their own homes.

A member of St John in Guernsey has said the grant will make a very big difference.

We are very excited that our government not only appreciates the good work St John does in the Bailiwick, but in other parts of the world as well. The grant helps us to build a bridge between our own volunteers and the ones who are working for St John in Zambia. Volunteers are the backbone of St John, no matter where in the world they offer their services.

– Andrew Henton, Knight Commander of St John in the Bailiwick of Guernsey

The Deputy in charge of the Guernsey Overseas Aid Commission has said she is happy it can help those in need in Zambia.

The project is consistent with the Commission’s focus on meeting basic needs, through health care and other essential services, in order to transform the lives of some of the world’s poorest communities.

We’re really pleased that St John is also supporting the project locally, as we recognise that these direct links between Guernsey and the communities we support are invaluable, and really bring this kind of international development work to life.

– Deputy Emilie Yerby, President of the Guernsey Overseas Aid Commission