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Better management of FOI data needed in Jersey

The Freedom of Information Law 2011 came in to force in 2015. Credit:

Jersey's Government needs to do better in its record management of Freedom of Information requests.

That is according to the Comptroller and Auditor General in her latest report.

Although Karen McConnell said there had been some progress in handling FOI requests, she added the States needs better IT systems for recording them.

The Freedom of Information Law 2011 came in to force in 2015. It replaced the previous Code of Practice on Public Access to Official Information.

The aim was to provide access to public information to individuals and organisations, except when there is a good cause not to.

In March 2016, Ms McConnell said the States had met its statutory responsibilities in establishing an FOI team to support departments responding to recent requests.

However today's follow-up review points out that the States is yet to formally decide whether it should invest in an IT solution for FOI management.

There has been some progress in implementing my previous recommendations. However, a number of key actions agreed to implement those recommendations have repeatedly stalled. Overall progress, particularly in records management, is disappointing.

– Karen McConnell, Auditor & Comptroller General.

Ms McConnell also said that even though the cost of handling FOI requests has been collected, it has not been used to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of FOI handling.