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Care leaver left 'paranoid recluse' by 'hell' treatment as a child

A former Le Chenes resident has written to Jersey's Care Inquiry panel. Credit: ITV Channel TV

A former resident of a secure school in Jersey has today written to the Care Inquiry panel investigating the state of the care system to describe his own experience.

The man spent years of his childhood at Les Chenes.

His testimony is today being shared by Frances Oldham QC who is back in the island to see whether things have improved since her highly critical 2017 report.

He has given ITV News permission to reproduce extracts of his statement.

I was isolated in a cold maximum security suite so many times I lost count, but unfortunately have never been able to forget. Two punishments that haunt me to this day are the twelve week isolation periods, under constant observation by CCTV.

My time at Les Chenes fundamentally changed my personality from being a happy go lucky person, to a somewhat paranoid recluse. The hell that was Les Chenes will never stop by way of bad memories.

It has taken me 15 minutes to write this statement, but what I was subjected to and witnessed could fill a book. The anxiousness I have felt to leave Jersey recently has at times been almost unbearable, culminating in a two hospital visits for panic attacks.

I was never offered a chance of a reasonable education or a normal childhood and it makes me sick to think that I am lucky to have come this far.

– Former resident at Les Chenes

The panel will report back on its findings this summer.

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