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  • Jess Dunsdon - Presenter

Credit: ITV Channel TV

I joined the ITV Channel news team as the main anchor in 2008, after quite a varied career in journalism.

It all began at Cambridge University where I studied law, but suspected I would be better suited to a job working with people than perusing paperwork. So as a student I edited a programme for the local cable channel, Red TV, and wrote articles for the student paper. That soon led to a work experience opportunity at Sky News where I fell in love with TV News. They offered me a job on the planning desk and I never looked back!

At Sky I worked my way up to Deputy News Editor and Field Producer where I worked on stories as diverse as protests against the Iraq War to London Fashion Week. I was also on the desk for the Boxing Day Tsunami and the death of Pope John Paul II. But, ever the performer, I was dying to tell stories in front of the camera. So to learn how to film and edit, I took a post-graduate diploma in Broadcast Journalism from Cardiff University.

After that, Moscow came calling and I went to the motherland to help set up a new 24-hour news station called Russia Today. After a couple of years working as a Presenter there, the vodka hangovers and homesickness began to take their toll, so I moved back to the UK to front the Guardian Media Group's city channel, Channel M for a year. But my wanderlust got the better of me, so when I saw there was an opening at ITV which involved living by the sea next to France, I said au revoir Angleterre, bonjour Jersey.

Since moving to the island ten years ago, I've gained quite the reputation for my no nonsense interviewing style, reporting live at big events, and working on special news investigations. But more importantly, I met the love of my life, bought a house, acquired two dogs and had a baby.

In my spare time I love to practice yoga, horse-ride, play netball and walk my spaniel. I also have a ball making my toddler giggle.

Facebook: Jess Dunsdon ITV | Twitter: @Jessdunsdon

  • James Webster – Presenter

Credit: ITV Channel TV/Tim Alban

I am pretty sure it is my gran's influence that led to me becoming a journalist. She would watch the news on every channel at all times of day and then coverage of Parliament through the afternoon and I would watch it with her. On election nights we would stay up together all night watching the results come in - and thus my fascination with the news began at an early age!

Since 2010 I have been part of the team at ITV News, working as a behind the scenes journalist and then a reporter with our colleagues at ITV Calendar in Yorkshire, before moving to the Channel Islands in late 2018. Working with so much beach and sea around me reminds of the seaside town of Whitby in Yorkshire where I grew up.

After that I studied a Bachelor of Broadcasting degree at the University of Leeds. Nobody has ever heard of such a course, but I promise it exists, and included all sorts of things including documentary-making, directing TV drama and all the practical skills you need to film and edit.

I then spent around six years working as a newsreader and reporter in commercial radio followed by a couple of years presenting the news on a small local TV channel in Manchester.

Working at ITV has given me many opportunities to meet interesting new people and visit places not normally seen by members of the public and tell their stories to our viewers.

In my spare time I organise an annual Scout competition. I've been doing that since 2002 and it takes up many hours! I also enjoy keeping fit with swimming, running and trips to the gym, though my love of baking probably ruins lots of that good work! I have also rediscovered my love of drama from childhood, joining an amateur dramatic group.

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  • Emma Baker - Presenter/Reporter

Credit: ITV Channel TV/Tim Alban

Having grown up on a dairy farm on the North Downs in Kent, journalism was never a career I had thought much about as a child.

But as a languages student at Cambridge University, I had the chance to spend a year working in Paris – and it was there, that I caught the journalism bug. I got a job working for The Independent and the BBC - it turned out to be a busy time for international news, with the outbreak of the Iraq War. It became clear that television journalism, in particular, was where my passion lay.

So I went on to complete a postgraduate degree in broadcast journalism at City University and secured a place as an ITV Bursary trainee at London Tonight. I then moved to ITV Anglia to work first as a producer, then as a reporter, correspondent and presenter. More recently, I spent four years working as a presenter and producer on the ITV current affairs show in Scotland called ‘Border Life’.

It's a cliché, but the thing I most love about my job is that you rarely have a dull moment. From sailing a tallship in a Scottish loch, to flying with the U.S. military over the English countryside, my day-to-day work is always fast-paced and unpredictable. Along the way, I have interviewed a range of interesting people from David Cameron to Dawn French, and even Quentin Tarantino.

In my spare time, I love cooking, eating and spending time with my family. Oh and I also really love the correct use of an apostrophe.

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  • Katie Chiang - Good Morning Britain Presenter

Credit: ITV Channel TV

Born in Cumbria, I worked in newspapers before moving to the Channel Islands and ITV in early 2012.

So far my career has taken me to Japan, Jordan and now I'm settled in Jersey.

I joined the Channel family as an On-Screen Journalist, reporting the day to day stories that get people talking, covering big events including Battle of Flowers and Air Displays and important developments from the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry.

In 2017, I put my ability to spring out of bed and into action in practice and took up the Early Presenter role, reading the local news during Good Morning Britain.

Outside of the office, I love to travel, ski, spend time with my new puppy Pepper and in the sunnier months you'll usually find me out on the water in St Aubin's Bay with my coastal rowing crew.

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  • Sophia Bird – Weather Presenter

Credit: ITV Channel TV/Tim Alban

I joined ITV Channel TV in 2006 after a career in the finance sector.

My path into television was a bit different to most. My daughter was born prematurely and spent two months at Guys and St Thomas' hospital, London. Nick Knowles was filming City Hospital at the time and interviewed me, allowing my friends and family to see our little girl. ITV Channel saw it, and 18 months later, this live experience in front of the camera helped me to apply and secure the vacant weather position. And here I am today.

I have regular meteorology training from the Jersey and UK Meteorological Offices, and this really helps me to understand the microclimate that affects the Channel Islands weather. I love being out-and-about across the islands bringing forecasts in all sorts of weather, with the best part being the diverse range of people and animals I get to meet and interview.

Apart from presenting our local weather I have also presented the ITV National Weather, ITV regional forecasts, Channel's flagship programme at 6pm, lunch and late bulletins, and Puffins Pla(i)ce; which used to be our local children's programme.

ITV Channel is a wonderful company to work for and I really enjoy being part of the ITV regional weather presenter family. We are all there to help cover each other and the support and teamwork is exceptional.

Outside of work, I love spending time with my family, walking and hosting a number of local events.

Facebook: Sophia Bird ITV | Twitter: @SophiaWeather | Instagram: sophiaweather

  • Clare Burton – Political Correspondent & Presenter

Credit: ITV Channel TV

I have a decade of Channel Islands news under my belt. I’ve anchored coverage for several elections, covered major news stories and travelled to several Island Games.

I have also worked for BBC network news, reporting for BBC Breakfast and News Channel on significant criminal trials at the Old Bailey, a winter of travel chaos and the horse meat burger scandal (remember that?).

Regional news has become a passion, and I’ve worked at ITV Tyne Tees, BBC Spotlight and BBC Look East.

Before moving into 'hard' news, I was a showbiz correspondent for syndicated radio and ITN's video on-demand service. I spent my days and nights badgering celebrities for exclusives. If they were famous between 2004 and 2008, I have probably interviewed them.

A Newcastle native (where's the accent?) I’ve made my home in the Channel Islands, and can often be found walking Jersey's cliff paths or watching the sunset at St Ouen's bay.

Twitter: @ClareBurtonTV

  • Gary Burgess - Senior Correspondent

Do the news? What? Me?

I’ll be honest with you, news was definitely not the original plan.

My media career began at a radio station in Blackpool, where I moved from teaboy to breakfast show presenter to head of programmes over a nine year period. It was in that time my love of radio was crystallised, but so was my growing interest in news and current affairs.From there it was hops to radio stations in Warrington, Glasgow, Liverpool and Guernsey - where I made the hop from music radio to speech radio, before the lovely team at ITV Channel came knocking to see if I fancied trying some telly.

Well, I was quickly hooked. The chance to tell stories, to speak to people making the big decisions here in the islands, and then take my camera to gather the views of people affected, is a daily privilege. 

I think, along the way, I’ve developed a reputation for asking no-nonsense questions to people in power, and finding ways to tell stories of people in need of a platform for their plight.

But along the way, I get to do random fun stuff, too... they say variety is the spice of life.You’ll usually find me covering the day’s top story or blogging or tweeting like there’s no tomorrow! When not at work, I’m a Netflix binger, podcast addict, and lover of a cheeky iced coffee anywhere with a decent view in Jersey.

And, if you’ve got a story, let me know. Facebook: Gary Burgess - Journalist | Twitter/TikTok: @GaryBurgessCI | Instagram: GaryBurgess

  • Tony Curr – Sports Correspondent

Credit: ITV Channel TV/Tim Alban

I came to TV relatively late-on, but feel privileged now to spend my working days (and often days off) reporting on the exploits of our sports stars and teams.

I got a taste for it in my previous life as a presenter on BBC Radio Guernsey, but it’s a joy to be able to dedicate myself to the great sporting stories around the islands.

Growing up in Guernsey, I played a lot of sport, though - save for the odd left-foot volley or piece of laser-sharp death bowling - it’ll be no surprise to some to see me reporting rather than running around these days.

Away from Channel, I’m most likely to be somewhere near the sea (I helped write a guide to Guernsey’s beaches) or enjoying a meal in sight of it.

Facebook: Tony Curr ITV | Twitter: @TonyCvrr | Instagram: tonycurritv