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New worker accommodation needed in Jersey according to report

The report also looked at potential solutions to address staff recruitment. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Jersey needs to provide new, quality accommodation for essential workers coming to live in the island.

That is according to a report out from the Minister for Children and Housing.

Senator Sam Mézec is also calling for a review into the employment practices in the island that may cause a barrier for people moving to Jersey.

In terms of providing new and good quality homes for people to live in, the recommendations include:

  • Short-term ‘landing’ accommodation for new arrivals
  • Long-term leased accommodation
  • Partial ownership

The report was prepared by the independent housing advisers Altair, who examined the suitability of current key workers and housing options.

It also looked at the potential solutions to address staff recruitment.

Those who are considered as 'key workers' are defined in the report as being part of employee groups whose skills are seen as essential.

Senator Mézec has said that the report will allow the government to develop options to improve the housing offer for high-quality professional workers.

I welcome the release of the report on key worker housing. The high turnover of staff in some areas of teaching, and health and social care, has been a cause for concern in Jersey and the cost and quality of accommodation has been cited as one of the factors contributing to it.

– Senator Sam Mézec, Minister for Children and Housing.

The Government and Andium Homes have been working together to improve the housing offer for key workers.

At the moment, Andium has made 48 studio and two-bedroom apartments available to doctors, nurses and social workers at Plaisant Court.

Refurbishment work has also started at Hue Court to provide 90 new flats for those in key worker positions.