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Updated pay offer for civil servants

The States Employment Board has offered civil servants an updated pay offer. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The States Employment Board has offered civil servants an updated pay offer following talks with union representatives.

The Government of Jersey hopes the offer will settle the ongoing dispute, which has already resulted in strike action.

Civil service unions say they will suspend proposed industrial action while the offer is under consideration.

This follows months of industrial action.

The newest offer hopes to improve pay and holiday allowances for civil servants.

The three-year pay offer for civil servants is worth 6.4% in consolidated (pensionable) pay rises, plus 2.1% in one-off cash payments. In 2020, the third year, the offer is worth RPI plus 1.3% (with RPI currently expected to be 3.1%).

25 days
New employees would receive 25 days annual leave.
28 days
Those who have worked for 5 years or more would receive 28 days annual leave.
31 days
Those having worked for 10 years or more, 31 days annual leave.

If the offer is to be approved, these holiday entitlements will come into effect from 1 July 2019.

I am encouraged by the positive engagement that has taken place with the unions and that this has led to a renewed offer. I am also grateful that the civil service unions have agreed to suspend industrial action while this is subject to ballot. I hope that this offer, which is the result of intensive discussions, will be acceptable to the union membership so that we can conclude this matter.

РSenator John Le Fondré, The Chief Minister

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