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Jersey animal charity says it still needs help to keep running

It costs £33,000 per week to run the charity Credit: ITV Channel TV

A spokesperson for the JSPCA says the animal charity is doing far better financially, but more help is needed to keep the services running.

Last year there were concerns over the charities future as it was struggling financially with a £1 million debt.

The charity which is celebrating its 151st anniversary had been relying on legacies to bridge the gap between income and expenditure, but a drop in donations lead to financial difficulties.

It costs £33,000 per week to run the charity.

In October an interim CEO, Kevin Keen, was appointed to get the charity back on track.

Now six months later the charity is reporting it's in a far better position.

It's been a much better year compared to where we were in October or last year. We're getting a lot of support from people in any way possible. If they can't donate to us then they'e donating items or throwing a fundraising event.

– Babs Keywood, JSPCA