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Nuns remains to be exhumed

The exhumations are expected to start within the next two months. Credit: ITV Channel TV

The remains of 23 nuns and a priest will be moved following the closure of a cemetery at a Jersey care home.

The Jeanne Jugan Residence used to be run by the order of the Little Sisters of the Poor, but they have recently decided to leave and the home has been taken over by the LV Care Group.

The bodies of the nuns and priest Oblate of Mary Immaculate, who served as a Chaplain, will be taken to the Catholic cemetery at the Church of our Lady of the Annunciation and the Martyrs of Japan, in St Martin.

The religious institute wants the remains to continue resting in a consecrated Catholic cemetery.

The Little Sisters of the Poor have looked after the cemetery at the Jeanne Jugan Residence with great love for 133 years and we are sad to be leaving.

As an order and as individuals, it’s important for us to know that our Sisters will remain in a Catholic cemetery. As we will no longer play a role in the future of the Jeanne Jugan Residence property, we felt that this was the best way to ensure that this would be the case.

– Sister Geraldine, Mother Superior of Little Sisters of the Poor

The sisters and the priest came from all over the world to work in Jersey and to serve the island’s elderly and poor. Their families have granted permission and the first exhumations are expected to take place within the next two months.

A blessing and Requiem Mass will take place afterwards.