Plans have been submitted for a major redevelopment at the Les Ormes holiday park.

The plans propose to double the amount of lodges on site and add more facilities.

Les Ormes currently has sixty eight rental properties - with swimming pools, a sports hall and a golf course.

The plan is to increase this to 128 self-catering units. As well as adding charging points for electric cars and bikes and a new trampoline centre. All aimed at generating not profits for shareholders, but money for local charities.

The business is run by a charitable foundation which means any profits are given away to charity. In the last thirty years The Bosdet Foundation has given away around three million pounds.

Bosses say the expansion could mean one million pounds a year is given to good causes.

It's hoped the changes will also boost the islands self catering offering and make it a top UK destination.

The trampoline park opens to islanders and visitors in July with discounts for children with disabilities. If approved the wider redevelopment will be completed by 2024.