Prison violence in Guernsey has more than doubled in the last year.

That is according to the prison's latest annual report.

It showed that staff used force to control situations with prisoners twice has much than in the previous year, and that instances of prisoners breaking the rules had also doubled.


the number of times force had to be used by prison officers in 2018.


the average number of inmates in Guernsey Prison in 2018.

The Prison Governor is putting the increase in violence down to an increase in the number of prisoners, and says there is a zero tolerance to this kind of behaviour.

Concerns have also been raised by independent inspectors over how mental health conditions are dealt with.

We believe that the quite proper need to maintain ‘patient confidentiality’ could, in certain circumstances, be counter-productive and not serve the best interests of either the prisoners or staff. It would seem that, while serious physical conditions such as heart problems, diabetes and epilepsy are known by both healthcare staff and prison officers, knowledge of mental conditions and associated medications are the sole province of Healthcare. This risks putting officers at a disadvantage when dealing with prisoners who present challenging behaviours, or who can be vulnerable or dangerous.

Independent Monitoring Panel