1. ITV Report

More than 200 rubbish bags left on Guernsey roadsides each week

Credit: ITV Channel TV

230 rubbish bags on average a week in Guernsey are being left by bin collectors because they do not comply with the new waste collection rules.

Uncollected bags are logged using a specially designed app. Half of cases are thought to be accidents but others are investigated by enforcement staff.

Bin bags must now include paid for stickers which cost £1.40 for a 50 litre liner and £2.50 for a 90 litre bag.

In the first 17 weeks of the "pay as you throw" charge, more than 5,300 bags have been reported as not complying with the requirements.

More than a third of this was during the first two weeks, leaving 3,471 bags left during the following 15 weeks.

35 incidents of fly tipping on States property have been reported each month so far this year, increasing from 25 reports a month in 2018.

Reasons for bags not being collected include:

  • No payment sticker has been applied.
  • The bag used is above the 90 litre capacity limit.
  • A ‘half size’ bag sticker has been used on a larger bag.
  • If a bag has been too heavy for the contractors to lift safely.