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Should cruise ship numbers be limited to tackle pollution in the Channel Islands?

Cruise ships regularly dock in Jersey and Guernsey, bringing tourists to the islands.

Cruise ship visits to the Channel Islands should be restricted because of the amount of pollution they cause according to green campaigners.

They claim they are a hazard to the environment because of "toxic fumes" they emit.

But businesses say any restriction would be a disaster because the money spent by tourists from the ships is vital to the economies of the islands.

Globally, cruise ships are a significant carbon emitter but we will have to make substantial changes much closer to home if we are to achieve our aim of being a carbon-neutral island by 2030, since the majority of the island's emissions are from heating, and vehicles.

– Deputy John Young, Jersey's Environment Minister

Jersey declared a climate emergency last month and committed to making the island carbon neutral by the year 2030.