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Jersey social workers lose appeal to keep pay rise

Credit: PA Images

Health staff and social workers in Jersey who were told their pay rise was a mistake and will be reversed have lost their appeal to keep it.

Salaries of 126 employees were raised in November 2017 but at the end of last year an independent review found that the roles had been 'inappropriately uplifted' and would be reversed.

This sparked the legal collective grievance action against the States Employment Board's (SEB) decision.

It was considered by a disputes panel which concluded that the SEB's decision should be maintained to keep pay grades fair.

The panel also said that affected employees should receive three years of pay protection to ensure pay grades are appropriate for each role. The SEB says employees and unions will be included in these discussions.

We want to tackle pay and grading issues properly, but the way this matter was handled and implemented has not met the standards people should expect from their employer and we regret the impact this has had on those affected by it. The SEB would like to apologise for the distress this has caused.

We believe the Disputes Panel’s recommendations are fair and we are pleased to implement them. We would like to thank our staff for their valued and continued service during this time of uncertainty.”