Secondary school education scrapped in Sark

Politicians voted in favour of the changes, meaning students aged 13 or over will have to go off-island or be home schooled. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Students aged 13 or over will no longer be able to receive an education in Sark after politicians voted in favour of scrapping the secondary school system tonight.

From 1 September young people who are beyond Year Eight will have the option to live with a host family in Guernsey, to go to school there, or to be home-schooled.

Romany Heartford, whose husband is the Headteacher Of Sark's only school, says the family feel so strongly against the reforms they are leaving the island.

I am personally disappointed at the lack of research of children going to live with a host family at such a sensitive time in their adolescence to be without the support network of their family could be very dangerous. For children staying on Sark it feels like they are being thrown to the wolves, which is why I personally wanted to speak out I am leaving the island but some people can't and their children are being offered nothing. >

Romany Heartford