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It's Bring Your Dog To Work Day, here are your pictures!

Today is National Bring Your Dog To Work Day and here are some dogs from across the Channel Islands at work with their owners.

Benson with his colleagues at work today.
12-week-old Fox Red Lab Murphy who is at work with his Dad Philip. So far is slotting into ‘van life’ perfectly!
5-month-old Brodie at work today.
Bambi the Saint Bernard just about fits in the office at work with Kayleigh.
Monty helping out his dad at today.
Sarge went to work with Ria today in Guernsey.
Ted is at work in the estate agents today.
Chewie out and about today!
18-month-old chocolate Lab Millie is at work with John and Joe. She's sleeping and snoring her way through the working day!
Basil, the 12 week old Cockapoo at work in the florist today.
Teddy is at work at an adventure centre in Jersey.
Lexi the Boston Terrier in Guernsey.
Basil at work with dog walker Sarah in Jersey.
Honey and Benson at work with Vikki in Guernsey.
Cavapoo Evie is going to at work a driving school today.
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