There are calls for Guernsey's government to force companies to publish their gender pay gaps.

The authors of a report into the gender pay gap in the Channel Islands carried out earlier this year believe this is the best way to reduce the gap between what men earn and what women earn.

It follows Guernsey's Government publishing the details of the number of women in top jobs within the States.

The percentage of female directors across all Guernsey companies is 25% which means 75% are men.

In the public sector there are a few more female directors although not by much - 29% of directors are women compared to 71% of men.

That's despite the majority of the work force being women, 60% women compared to 40% men.

Overall women working for the States are paid significantly less.

Of staff members being paid 70k or more 69% are men and of staff members being paid 70k or less 64% are women.

The States of Guernsey say they do need to be doing more to encourage women to apply for senior roles.

States of Guernsey is very conscious of providing a level playing field so that opportunities are equal for all, and that gender is no barrier to roles that may have been perceived to be occupied by one gender. Monitoring of recruitment has shown that there is no bias in terms of appointments in relation to applications and as an organisation, the States of Guernsey needs to continue to develop its existing workforce so that opportunities are there for all that want them, regardless of gender. The Director level roles do show an imbalance; despite the profile equalising over time, there is more to do in encouraging female applicants at very senior levels. With an organisation as diverse as the States of Guernsey, it is a balancing act to ensure that the services the island needs are provided whilst maintaining the flexibility of working patterns that a modern workforce expects in order to maintain work/life balance. This is applicable across the genders and we are looking at ways in which we can improve polices such as maternity leave. This is vital to employee well-being and sustained high levels of performance in the work place. Given that there is virtually full employment in Guernsey, the organisation needs to be smart in tapping into those areas of talent such as those wishing to return to the work place after taking a career break.

States of Guernsey