Guernsey Police spend 1,200 hours & £70k investigating Alps' death

Mikus Alps died in January 2018. Credit: States of Guernsey Police

Guernsey Police have spent more than 1,200 hours and £70,000 investigating the death of Mikus Alps.

The Latvian's remains were found in his burnt-out car in a secluded lane at Guernsey's Petit Bot Valley in January last year.

Human remains were found in a burnt-out vehicle in Guernsey. Credit: States of Guernsey Police

The specialist forensic examinations were carried out by experts off-island.

The UK's National Crime Agency is helping Guernsey officers with their investigation. The local force has described the case as 'lengthy and complex'.

Initial forensic examinations into his death proved inconclusive, leading to further tests being carried out by experts from the UK.