Jersey Reverend celebrates historic milestone by meeting Archbishop of Canterbury

Rev Turner will attend the garden party with the Archbishop of Canterbury next week. Credit: States of Jersey

A Reverend from Jersey's General Hospital has been invited to meet the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Reverend Maureen Turner will attend the garden party on 1 July to mark 25 years since she was one of the first women to be ordained into the priesthood.

She was first ordained as a Deacon at Lichfield Cathedral in 1987. At the time, women were not able to enter the priesthood, however, that rule was overturned in 1992.

Two years later, the first women were allowed into the priesthood.

Rev Turner has now lived in Jersey for 12 years, with her husband Derek, who is also a priest.

Upon hearing the news, she said she was "stunned" by the decision.

I wasn't expecting it as there was so much opposition and argument against it. When it was announced I thought: "Hallelujah".

Reverend Maureen Turner
Rev Turner was one of the first women to be ordained into the priesthood 25 years ago. Credit: States of Jersey

Rev Turner is among the first 900 women who have been invited to a garden party at Lambeth Palace.

Today, there are more than 5,900 priests in the UK - nine of whom are in Jersey. There are also 18 female bishops.