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James Partridge: How I'm using my face to challenge attitudes

For over 40 years, James has campaigned for Facial Equality around the world. Credit: ITV Channel TV

When James was just 18, he was severely burned in a car crash that scarred his face, and changed his life forever.

He spent time in intensive care, before enduring a "gruelling" year of reconstructive surgery for the 40% burns to his face and body.

Despite all this, he went on to study at Oxford University as planned.

Years later, James met his wife, Caroline, and moved over to Guernsey - where she was born and brought up.

His life as a Guernsey dairy farmer gave him time to reflect, and he published a book on living with a facial disfigurement - Changing Faces: The Challenge of Facial Disfigurement.

Following the success of his book, in 1992 James founded the charity Changing Faces to "work for the human rights and inclusion of people with facial and body disfigurements".

People will have unusual faces for all sorts of reasons, and you shouldn’t jump to any conclusions about them or their intelligence, personality, talent or anything like that.

– James Partridge

The charity helped persuade the NHS to put in place specialist help for patients with disfigurements and their families.

He received an OBE from the Queen in 2002 for his charity work.

In 2016, he set up the Guernsey-based charity, Face Equality International which aims to make sure people from all over the world are "treated fairly - whatever their face looks like".

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