For the first time, islanders will have the opportunity to have their say on Jersey's 2021-2030 Island Plan.

The drop-in session will take place today (11 July) at the Town Hall from 1pm to 3:30pm.

It will be a chance for people to give their views on the plans which will shape Jersey's landscape over the next ten years, including:

  • Where we should homes be built

  • Plans for renewable energy

  • Plans for a sustainable economy

  • How the marine environment should be protected

This plan is a chance to influence and shape the future and help keep Jersey a unique and special place to live. [It] determines how we will protect our natural environment and shape the island that our children will grow up in.

Deputy John Young, Minister for the Environment

There will be drop-in sessions in every parish where people can meet the Island Plan Review Team to ask any questions they have.

They will also be able to have their say online until Friday 4 October.

The feedback collected over the next 12 weeks will shape more detailed work on the Island Plan, which will be presented to the States Assembly for debate at the end of 2020.