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Wall collapses onto Andium Homes flats

None of the residents at the Andium flats on Don Close have been injured. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Residents in flats on Don Road in St Helier say they are lucky to be alive after a wall between two of the buildings collapsed.

The party-wall between the Don Close flats fell onto the building on the right-hand-side forcing residents to be evacuated.

Fire Services attended the Andium Homes flats this afternoon (Tuesday 16 July) to make sure residents were safe.

No one has been injured.

Officials from Andium Homes have been on the site to assess the situation and have started removing the wall.

The wall that has collapsed is a party wall. We have a demolition specialist on site and expect the remaining wall to be demolished soon. We are still ascertaining the damage to our building but if it is deemed in any way compromised we will of course work with the affected tenants to relocate them – this may be short term whilst the demolition of the wall takes place.

– Statement from Andium Homes Limited
Part of the wall as rubble following its collapse. Credit: ITV Channel TV

Patricia Ryan who has lived at the Don Close flats for 8 years has said the wall should have been knocked down many years ago.

She was set to leave her house at the time the wall collapsed but stopped because she had a call on her house phone.

The only way I can describe it is it was like an earthquake, it was as an absolutely horrendous noise.

– Patricia Ryan, Don Close Flat's resident.

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Those living in the block of 6 one-bedroom flats have been put up in hotels.